Attempt with 131 marks.guys here is my plab 1 experienc

attempt with 131 marks.guys here is my plab 1 experience and few take home lessons for upcoming candidates. I used online plaable plab keys and did them with my group fellows which was very beneficial part for me .our admin Dr.Ali sikandar divided differnt units among us and we did daily discussion on a fixed time.:it helped us to make.our concepts I also watched youtube videos like osmosis medicosis perfectionalis etc . we did mocks at the end individually but it was stressful with limmited time .That’s why I give advice to do weekly one mock to all febaurary fellows and keep 7mocks for last days .I revised daily plab keys during mocks with my friend Dr sabrina too

on exam day most important thing was time management with cool nerves , as i still remember Dr Ali said guys its race against time just one minute for each mcq.I kept my eyes on clock after each 20minutes .Few mcqs made my nerves relax and few made me like "Its Impossible “…But Alhamdulilah i did all mcqs and still saved Two 2 minutes 😄. I was happy after exam untill Discussed and found my guys " plz read Question twice with choices.”

To enhance speed you can set medreviaon daily 20_30mcqs high yield mock just in the evening for one hour it will also cover strange mcqs in exam;.and give all remaining time to plabable and plabkeys recall are also mostly covered by mocks in plabable.

Read flow charts carefully.Make clear concepts clinchers .understand basic management investigation and Dx with map like clarification because you have "just One minute "to answer Sleep well before exam .Thank you Allah swt and also thanks to all my group fellows and friends; parents for support.