Bankart's lesion is seen

Bankart’s lesion is seen at -

  1. Post surface of glenoid labrum

  2. Anterior surface of glenoid labrum

  3. Anterior part of head of humerus

  4. Post part of head of humerus


  • When the labrum of the shoulder joint is torn, the stability of the shoulder joint is compromised.
  • A Specific type of labral tear is called a Bankart’s lesion.
  • A Bankart’s lesion occurs when an individual sustains an anterior dislocation.
  • As the shoulder pops out of the joint, it often causes tear of the labrum and stripping of periosteum from anterior surface (more specifically antero-inferior) of glenoid.
  • In severe injuries, there may be avulsion of piece of bone from antero-inferior glenoid rim, called bony Bankart lesion.