Benefits for mom or breastfeeding parent

Benefits for mom or breastfeeding parent

Breastfeeding offers several benefits for you, too. It lowers your risk for several diseases and conditions, like:

Breast cancer.

Ovarian cancer.

Endometrial cancer.

Thyroid cancer.


Type 2 diabetes.

Cardiovascular disease including high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Postpartum depression.

Breastfeeding can also help you recover quicker from childbirth. Breastfeeding produces the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin helps your uterus contract after delivery. This helps it return to its normal size and reduces the amount of vaginal bleeding after delivery.

Breastfeeding is also a special and unique way to feel connected to your baby. It increases both physical and emotional bonding. Many people feel that the bonding from breastfeeding may help reduce social and behavioral problems in both children and adults.

Some of the other benefits of breastfeeding for you include:

Promoting faster weight loss after birth (in some people).

You can breastfeed anywhere without worrying about preparing bottles or mixing formula. Your milk is always available without needing to bring other supplies.

Breastfeeding parents learn to read their infant’s cues, and babies learn to trust caregivers. This helps shape your baby’s early behavior.

It’s inexpensive. The cost of formula can be up to $10 a day depending on the brand, type and amount your baby drinks. Breastfeeding may have some initial costs like nursing bras and nipple cream, but it’s more affordable long term.

It’s worth noting that if you exclusively pump, your baby is still getting the nutritional and health benefits of breastmilk.

Why is breastfeeding important?

Whether to breastfeed your baby is an important decision all parents make. It’s good to take time to understand how breastfeeding affects your baby. Some of the biggest benefits of breastfeeding include:

It’s easy to digest and contains all the right nutrients for your baby.

It builds your baby’s immune system and reduces their risk for certain health conditions.

It’s inexpensive.

Some people aren’t able to fully breastfeed or breastfeed at all, and that’s OK. There are many formula options that will help your baby grow as well. Talk to your baby’s pediatrician if you need help with your choice.