Best investigation for *Glomus jugulare* ( paraganglioma ) is HRCT or CECT with Phleps Sign?

Best investigation for Glomus jugulare ( paraganglioma ) is HRCT or CECT with Phleps Sign ?

For the evaluation of Glomus jugulare (paraganglioma), the preferred imaging modality is a contrast-enhanced study, often using contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CECT) with the “phlebolith sign.”

The “phlebolith sign” refers to the presence of calcified or ossified nodules within the lesion. These calcifications are often seen in Glomus jugulare tumors and can be visualized on imaging studies. They help distinguish Glomus jugulare tumors from other lesions.

While high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) can provide detailed images of the temporal bone and adjacent structures, contrast-enhanced CT with the “phlebolith sign” is more specific for identifying Glomus jugulare tumors and their characteristic features.

In summary, the recommended investigation for Glomus jugulare (paraganglioma) is contrast-enhanced CT (CECT) with the “phlebolith sign.”