#Bhatia institute..... backstabbing pg

Meanwhile marrow be like, tum log chutiyappa Karo mujhe Mera paysa dete raho

That’s why they never focus on students academic growth unlike DAMS and MARROW

and always lag in students trust!!

no other platform is so careless about competition

He wants to join politics or what God knows

They really deserve oscar…i never seen such acting in my life…just short clip vdos but make huge diffirence…im fool …i used to wait his 2 min vdo literally for fact check…but never thought that they r director of these mashikiri news coming everyday…big salute

The way he is laughing in video, it’s clear his family/parents are healthy and so he have no empathy for students and their family!!

He hasn’t tasted the grief of losing dear ones in these day yet for sure

If open merit aspirants continue to be meted out to quota system n subsequent addition every year.I fear there will b mass exodus to western countries where merit always prevails and system owns you n provides you a dignified life n career…a thing for Indian medical education gurus to introspect

every year,a fraction of talented students move to western countries.govt doesnt value their efforts.they could easily get into other systems with half of that effort.the problem with this caste implementation is that only rich people(son/daughter of physicians) get in to this representation,poor needy ones still not gets a chance.(esp. in kerala)

There are doctors excess in kerala…even if we are willing to work all wont get the opportunity…so this is utter injustice to pg aspirants of states like kerala