Biochemistry: AIIMS PG Q-4

Q-4. In a patient with starvation for 72 hours which of the following would be seen?
a) Increased ketosis due to breakdown of fats
b) Increased gluconeogenesis by muscle protein breakdown
c) Increased Glycogenolysis
d) Increased gluconeogenesis

Answer: Increased ketosis due to breakdown of fats
During starvation, the metabolic changes providing energy can be divided into three stages:
First stage:
It lasts first 2 to 3 days.
Glycogenolysis (Liver glycogen is the first stored food that is mobilized for energy production.)
Gluconeogenesis- From alanine, glycerol, lactate
Second stage:
It lasts for over 2 weeks.
Fat is mobilized with ketosis and ketonuria.
Third stage:
Tissue protein is degraded for energy production.