Bladder ca or urolithiasis

bladder ca or urolithiasis
I will perform a genital exam as well as a rectal exam to assess your prostate. I will
then order a urine test to look for signs o f infection. Depending on the results we
obtain, I may also order some imaging studies to determine if there is a stone in your
kidneys, an anatomic abnormality
Challenging Questions to Ask
They told me that having blood in my urine is because of my old age. Is that true? No.
Bloody urine is rarely normal. We will need to run a few more testa t o determine
the cause of this finding."
spinal stenosis or metastatic ca
Do you think I can go to work, doctor, Can you write a letter to my boas so that I
can have some time off?
"You’re right; heavy construction work can worsen your back pain or cause it t o heal
more slowly. To assess the need
for you to take a time off, I would like ask you some questions and perform a
physical exam
I would like to do a rectal exam and assess your prostate. I will also run some
blood tests and order an x-yay and possibly an MRI of your back so that I can
better determine the cause of your pain, which could be a pinched nerve or
muscle spasm. In the meantime, I will write a note to your employer requesting
that you be given only light duties while you are at work