Blood brain barrier is formed by:

  1. Blood brain barrier is formed by:
  • a. Capillary endothelium
  • b. Continuous basement membrane
  • c. Pericytes
  • d. All of above
  • e. None of above

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Ans: a
2.Total power of the eye is 59 diopters. Main role is maintenance of this power as performed by:

  • a. Anterior surface of cornea
  • b. Lens
  • c. Vitreous Humor
  • d. Retina
  • e. Posterior surface of cornea

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Ans: a
3. In patient with increased bleeding time, what could be the cause of bleeding

  • a. Prothrombin Deficiency
  • b. Hemophilia – A
  • c. Vitamin - K deficiency
  • d. Protein - C deficiency
  • e. Von Willebrand’s disease

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Ans: e