Blood "smart cells" ready

Blood “smart cells” ready

Recently, the scientists of master university in Canada have prepared such technology, through which the medicine will be filled with the head of the blood, then they will be admitted into the human body through injection and they find their way. They will open their goal and remove the closed medicine. According to experts, its special thing is that its site effects will also be less.

The Red cells of the blood can prove to be our help, because they reach all the tissues of the body by their structure and flexibility. The outer membrane of the red pores of the blood of the master university of the master’s University (cell my̰mbry̰n) I changed something like that to be glued to some special organs, bạftwں or jrtẖwmwں (bacteria).

In addition, they were made to get their internal content, where they could be filled with medicine, and then their membrane would be closed again and they became like other healthy pores. Will go.

This is how the “armed” cells from any medicine are not only finding their desired goal, they will be able to continue their journey in the human body, but they also face any resistance by the natural defense system of the body. Won’t.