Bone within bone appearance is seen in?

Bone within bone appearance is seen in?
a) CML
b) Osteoporosis
c) Osteopetrosis
d) Bone infarct
Correct Answer - C
C i.e. Osteopetrosis
In osteopetrosis, there is reduced osteoclastic bone resorption
resulting in diffuse symmetrical skeleton sclerosis. Also k/a marble
bone disease d/t its stone like quality of bones; however the bones
are abnormally brittle & fracture like a piece of chalk. It can present
radiologically as?
Sclerosis of all bones more prominent at base of skullQ.
Sclerosis of vertebral end plate 1/t characteristic sandwitch or broad
stripped (rugby jersey spine) Q Bone in bone appearanceQ d/t
sclerotic foci within the bone.