Brick-shaped virus -

Brick-shaped virus -
a) Chicken pox
b) Small pox
c) CMV
d) EBV
Correct Answer - B
Ans. is ‘b’ i.e., Small pox
Variola virus
Belongs to Poxviruses enveloped DNA (ds DNA) virus.
Brick shaped
In stained preparation elementary bodies are seen —) Paschen
The variola virus is the causative agent of small pox.
On 8th may 1980 who anounced global eradication of small pox.
Vaccinia virus
It is similar to variola virus in properties.
It is an artificial virus and does not occur in nature as such.
Vaccinia virus is being employed as a vector for the development of
recombinant vaccines.
Vaccinia genome can accomodate about 25000 foreign base pairs,
sufficient for introducing several genes.
Many genes have been inserted eg - HB V, HIV, rabies and for
pharmacologically important products such as neuropeptides.
However it is not suitable as a vector for human use due to its
pathogenic effects