But I’ve been preparing well for upcoming neet 22

I need genuine advice seniors…

In aiims spot round I might get anaesthesia.

But I’ve been preparing well for upcoming neet 22… my neet21 rank was quite behind .But ini went better.

My parents are of the opinion all the branches are good. Anaesthesia is a good branch no doubt but I had never thought about it. Also I don’t have much specific interest… I like most except surgical.

But in the last few months I was sure for medicine or radio with my current preparation I felt I could do better . And I feel I can be better physician than any surgical branch (ophthal ent )

But the fact things are always uncertain , we never know how next neet is… how much delay gonna happen in counselling considering the case is still on.

And the eagerness to start the life ahead of thsi rat race. It’s very confusing .

All I know is I’m not sure about anaesthesia mainly coz I don’t have much insight to it. But just coz it’s aiims and I would start my life with something it’s tempting but nothing else… I’ve been preparing for coming neet since quite a few months and it’s going well . But my parents want me to move on start the new life… also it’s an emergency branch being few years down the line would It be convenient running from one place to other to attend the cases ?

what would be the right thing… plz opine