By Looking at A Question... How to Quickly Know that Between MRCP and ERCP

By Looking at A Question… How to Quickly Know that Between MRCP and ERCP…

MRCP Is the IOC or Is Preffered

In Other words In what Conditions MRCP Is Done Not Ercp?

Wenever etiology of the condition is obstruction due to stone, emergency intervention is needed so we do the gold std ercp. Mrcp is only diagnostic. C/I of ercp is pancreatitis as it is its own side effect. But for diagnosing the cause of recurrent pancreatitis ercp is used during interval period. For rest all the conditions, doc is mrcp. I think these 3 points help decide bw the two.

IOC is something which should be non invasive or cost effective or less time consuming…ERCP is invasive and MRCP is non invasive…so in most of the cases where hepatobiliary tree is involved or needed to be assessed MRCP is the IOC…with some exceptions like sphincter of oddi dysfunction,bilhemia(IOC-ERCP),Extrahepatic billiary atresia(IOC-Hida scan)

When we have to diagnose we prefer mrcp or when we are not sure about the location of stone we prefer mcrp… But when we are sure about location of stone then we do ercp which is actually a diagnostic and therapeutic also unlike mrcp which is only diagnostic

MRCP is done when CBD diameter > 1cm

Previous history of jaundice

And increased ALP