By now I am sure I must be the last person putting this gratitude post

By now I am sure I must be the last person putting this gratitude post , but it’s better late than never .

Hi this is Dr. Ashi Yadav neet pg 2021 AIR 280 ( p.s. I am from 2015 batch and this was my first attempt at neet pg )

I started my preparation with marrow in January 2021 with a plan to clear the April 2021 neetpg exam 😅 . But the very first step that you take towards achieving something is believing that you can do it .

I bought marrow printed notes since I was short of time and completed my first reading while watching marrow videos by April beginning . Since the exam was near I watched revision videos once because otherwise I couldn’t have managed to do even 1 revision but then it was postponed when I was all set to give the exam with an aim of around 2k rank . I was frustrated when a friend of mine told me that sometimes universe has it’s own ways of taking you to things that you deserve, what if this whole exam has been postponed because you deserve a better rank . I started again and today I am here 😁

Key points for my juniors:

  1. You’re never late , there’s no set time limit for pg preparation , correct balance of perseverance self belief and smart work can take you a long way.

2 . The best time to start giving GTs is yesterday, give it even if you know nothing , atleast you’ll have a base level from where you can improve.

3 . Don’t compare your preparation with anyone , all of us are different and so are the no. Of revisions required by all of us .

  1. Always trust your source …marrow is more than sufficient, so I suggest not to jump here and there.

Thank you so much marrow

I am grateful for life and beyond

And special thanks to Deepu sebin sir who once posted "all the best to all those people who’ve started late , because every year we see miracles happen " - a special thanks from one such student who started late to the entire team of marrow .