Caesarean section is an exception in which the doctor is forced to make a surgical opening to extract

Caesarean section is an exception in which the doctor is forced to make a surgical opening to extract the fetus from the mother’s abdomen and it has certain indication and without talking about that caesarean section has turned into an optional condition not a necessary but this is not the essence of the subject but what drew attention is that with the increasing number of cesarian sections also increased the proportion of complications that occur with the it in case of not preformed correctly as what happened with this case a 25-year-old lady suffers from secondary infertility for 6 Years after she gave birth to her first child via cesarian section and after two years of birth she wanted to have children again so she refrained from taking the pill and after a period during which pregnancy did not occur , she began to consult doctors to look for the cause of pregnancy delayed and doctors performed hormone analysis and dye radiography that showed that there was no blockage in the tubes
Her case was followed and she was given hormonal induction for several month to which her response was excellent when following ovulation and with the further delay of pregnancy laparoscopy was preformed which showed the presence of peritoneal adhesions with the frontal abdominal wall although the tubes do not have any blockage as showen by radiology but the tubes and the ovaries were adherent to the lateral pelvic wall which interfered with ovum pick up by the fimbria. The adhesions were removed and freeing of both ovaries and tubes and be sure of the patency of both tubes by MB. die
This shows that both the radiograph and laparoscopy are important and they do not replace each other but rather complement each other as the radiology shows the hollow of the uterus and the tubes while the laparoscope shows the presence of any adhesions and the ability of the fallopian fimbria to pick up the ova. After the adhesions were removed by laparoscopy natural pregnancy occurred after Five month Thanking GOD