Called atleast 4-5 times since yesterday

Joseph Arthur

Called atleast 4-5 times since yesterday… all they say is

"We can’t do anything for such issues, u need to wait for their email "

& Their email reply takes 24 hrs😭,it’s a torture.

Have my exam in next 20 days & they are taking so so so much time to sort it out.

Everything is just business for them…

I submitted all my original documents, still they are not satisfied.

How long do i have to keep waiting for their mail.

Why do they say “wrwu”

Now they have shown their insensitive, inhumane & arrogant & cruel behaviour.

I’m crying since yesterday & now I don’t want it to be unblocked.

I will do self study,nhi chaiye ab kuch inka😭… I will succeed even without their app.

The reason i don’t want to keep my real name in marrow app because i don’t want ppl to invade my privacy & don’t want to display my name in

Rank borad because many times I dont attempt test papers properly & just submit all 200 questions randomly in 1-2 mins & later review it thoroughly because those topics are important.

I know ideally i should attempt qus properly but as less time left for INICET exam ,I do this to save time & to revise quickly.

I don’t want others to judge me based on the rank i get in their mocks/ tests because I just randomly submit all qus in 1-2 mins.

Now evryone will say, i should give test “anonymously”… right?

So, let me clear that not everyone have laptop… my laptop isn’t working so I use only mobile & many times (yes almost always) there is no option to give tests anonymously in mobile mode… very rarely just sometimes this option shows up, most of the time it doesn’t show up in mobile mode.