Can a north Indian Hindi speaking person survive in Kerala?

Can a north Indian Hindi speaking person survive in Kerala???

Why people are so much possesive for their state …??? Why can’t it be only a part of India…why an Indian has to think twice while going to a place in India…??

Welcome to Kerala,U can survive with basic Malayalam only, Myself have seen lot of north Indian pgs during Internship

1)If you learn the language then there is no issue

But if you come here and say “ hindi nahi malun?” To patient or co-pg its gonna be tough

2)Regarding food it might cause an issue since kerala dishes are prepared in cocunut oil. Not in ground nut or sunflower.

3)Discrimination i dont think so.

Language nd food may be a problem…there wont be discrimination problema mostly

Keralites are pretty chill and accomodating unlike their Tamil neighbours. As long as you’re respectful to them and don’t go about saying things like,“why don’t people speak Hindi here?” or “why should I have to learn malyalam?” you’ll be fine. Food will be an issue though.

Yes you can…i am from north east and i did…and they are amazing people…the warmest you will meet .