Can an average student get into medical schools?

Ok i am going to give you the most important advice of your whole pre medical career. I was just like you and i made every mistake in the book. I want you to listen carefully. I can tell that you are a smart person and i want you to make the right decision.

Cynical side:

1.) You have to ask yourself why do you want to become a physician. Be honest with yourself. The top reasons that people become physicians is money, prestige, parental pressure, sex and a passion for healing. Notice i put a passion for healing low on the list. All of those reasons are bad reasons. The only reason to become a physician is because you are absolutely fascinated by disease processes and disease treatments. Thats it. You can get money easier doing something else, parents are often misguided, you will get laid less as a doctor than your local personal trainer and you can heal people in many different ways.

2.) If you just want to heal people there are many other ways to do it. These days you have a ton of mid level provider options. Like physician assistant, nurse practitioner and nurse anesthetist. You can also heal people mentally by becoming a therapist.

3.) Math is going to come back over and over again in pre med. I was like you. I was brilliant at English but horrible at math. I struggled like sh*t in math related classes. You are going to see math in Chem 1, Chem 2, Physics 1, Physics 2, Calc 1, Calc 2 and Statistics. These are all pre med classes that require a TON of math.

4.) Is it worth struggling like crazy in order to achieve this goal? There are going to be nights where you cry because you studied 3 times harder than your pre med peers but only get a C or a D. This is because your brain is brilliant but it does not have a natural aptitude for math. Your self esteem will tank and your stress levels will rise. You GPA will suffer even though you are out working your peers. College advisors will act as if you are lazy even though you are working your butt off.

Optimistic Side:

1.) Life is about challenges. If you choose to keep on with pre med you are operating at a severe disadvantage. But life is about conquering obstacles. This is how we grow. Studying twice as hard and doing just as well even though you are an underdog will feel amazing. So the journey might be worth it.

2.) That first year Chem class is when most pre meds drop out. Many people do badly on that first test of General Chem 1. Its ok. It may not be indicative of your true potential. You may just have to change your study habits and do more questions.

3.) This may be a fluke and you may go on to ace the other pre med classes. Giving up too easily is never a good thing


I would say finish the Gen Chem class. Put your all into it. I mean 100%. Study like a maniac. If you still get a C or fail the class then switch your major. Your talents would be better spent elsewhere where you can really shine. You can always graduate take about a year off and learn pre med chemistry on your own. Learn it well. Then go back and take those math related classes. This is what i did and i did great after i taught myself for about 8 months after i graduated. If you have any more questions dont hesitate to ask me. I am here for you.

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