Can anybody help me with this

Can anybody help me with this , I got MD Radiotherapy in Pt Jawhar Lal Nehru Memorial Medical College, Raipur. I am confused about to choose this branch but I am also interested, the thing is that I didn’t know about this branch so much , the pros & cons , scope in future ( India/ Abroad) & I am basically from Uttarakhand so hardly know about the Chhattisgarh & there is no one to guide me , Should I choose this or drop & prepare for 23 PG exam. Pls if anyone knows about this , help me.

Take only if you want to take radiotherapy.Raipur is a good city.Here only branch matters.I took Radiotherapy from Raipur (my husband was doing DM oncology from Tata Mumbai) but couldn’t cope up with branch & left the seat after 4-5 days(within time) .After 1 year I got MS obstetrics & Gynaecology from Raipur only(my alma mater)

& I think best decision of my life was leaving that seat.

Hi, same here,have been allotted this branch in Kolkata. Only thing to understand is if you want to remain in this branch or is it your choice of branch or not.I guess that’s the main arena to be focused on, rest i guess the college is a good college! There are pros as it’s an emerging branch but cons as well since it’s heavily infrastructure dependent. if you want other branch, then you can go for neet pg 2023.