Can anyone tell me about MS ENT pros & cons in comparison to MD Anaesthesia

Can anyone tell me about MS ENT pros & cons in comparison to MD Anaesthesia

1)The surgeries are beautiful and very interesting.
2)Tag of a surgeon
1)surgeries need skill which need time.fellowships are the need of the hour.
2)Saturation since medical college faculties are relatively small.
3)Long time to settle down
Not everyone can become a good ENT needs lot of time and patience.
On the other hand anaesthesia I feel is monotonous with moments of madness.
You’re either born a surgeon or you’re not.
You ask yourself.youll find the answer.

These are to different degrees MD and MS
If you ever have dreamed about to be surgeon never ever opt anaesthesia…you will become frustrate
Rather if you are a medicine lover go for anaesthesia…it is very interesting and engaging branch almost entire hospital is run by anaesthesia.

You can’t open a clinic if you are choosing anaesthesia
While if you opt for ENT atleast you can do surgeries and open a clinic too and you would be a respectable surgeon in your nearby society.

sir u can open clinic with anesthesia near my college. lots of alcoholic neet pg aspirants are in need of urgent sedation.

demand of anesthesia isnt isn’t dat much in small places but ent net has good demand in non metro and non tier 1 cities due to rural and semi rural folks being present

Also can someone pls tell the pros n cons of MS ophthal…and MS ENT vs MS ophthal…kindly opine

opthal…surgeries are skilled and difficult, has a lot of technology, no one takes on ophthal case unless they can use a slit lamp, DO and so on. So your patients will stay yours.

Ophthal has diagnostics too…a lot of technology for that. So good if you like gadgets.

Emergencies are less…more family time in the future.

Less critical patients so stress is overall less.

What is your rank ?? ARE you also planning for DNB ANAESTHESIA