Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong in my preparation

Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong in my preparation as my preparation was going well till March I was scoring 110-115 in gt back then and was hoping that it will increase in these remaining days as I will revise more but now every time I give gt my score is decreasing …I’m not understanding what I’m doing wrong or what else I could do to increase my score …please help

You are repeating the same mistakes when the questions are being asked from the same topic .

Not for any subject perse, but from a particular topic or chapter from where the questions are being asked everytime but you are repeating the same mistake from that particular part only .for example anthropometry in peads…toxicology in FMT etc.

Revise that part before mock exam and take exam .your score will improve

Opinions may vary.

No can tell you about this … Anyone can help you with their advice and experience if you have some specific concern about anything … You have to find it yourself where is lacuna in all the process … There must be . By relax mind interpret the process .

If someone is giving you some advice as such vaguely . It will not help you much in sorting out your lacuma , however that advice may seem like relatable to you for a moment . But not worthy for long time . So study the your’s revision pattern and exam strategy calmly , you will definitely find the missing gap . Hope it will help you and your graph will rise exponentially. All the best👍