Can some one help me please with my symptoms

Can some one help me please with my symptoms. So for the past 3 years iv suffers with short term memory loss and pain throughout my body. For the past 7 month it’s gotten worse Severe pelvic and lower back pain which runs down both legs I can not stand lay or sit at all or sleep pain is that bad it last about 5/7 days then goes but comes back after a couple of weeks. Iv started to get other symptoms like migraines down the left side of my face left eye pains in my chest. Bumping into things and falling over a lot too. I have also forgotten how to spell and memory problems getting a lot worse. I’m a 38 year old woman. Pain seems to start in the overies area of my body moves to the lower back and pelvis. Iv had scans on my overies but all is clear. Thank you.