Can somebody join upsc n pg same yr?

Can somebody join upsc n pg same yr?

Good question
U r a good question
But ur question hurt me
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Bhai free ho to kuch bhi questions puch lene ka!!

Yes definitely… Nd now there is new provision dat u can join these both in 1st year mbbs itself. So u can save ol ur tym.

No, once you join through upsc cms you have a probation period of 1/2 years after that you can join PG

Yes one can join both … their r some departments in upsc , they may give u 3 year leave for pg

Ask for departments in upsc first that which allow for pg, sayad delhi me jo joining hoti h vo allow nhi krte

According to theory of relativity A person can’t b present simultaneously at two places

It is good question yr… ignore the stupid replies…those ppl dont have the capability do crack both the exams in same year they will make fun of this question…

No probetion periods is 2 yr after 2yr u r eligible for any type of benefit like leve for study ,if u r complete 2yr sacessful then your job in parmanent then u apply to study leave with payment. And my personal experience no on join UPSC after pg because after UPSC it just like pms job of government