Can someone explain why there's opposition to the 50 % rule

Can someone explain why there’s opposition to the 50 % rule because as much as I understand it’s a win win for all communities -

  1. students in the ranks of 2-3k who before couldn’t get md med radio and derma in good places and had to take up DNB or shell out 40-60L in good pvts will now get their branch in descent places.

  2. people in the ranks of 3-7k who were already getting branches of choice will now get it in better places.

  3. people below 7k to 15k whose only options was DNB or some peripheral ms will now get MS for sure.

  4. pvt Colleges which be4 were only getting riches will now get 50% of merit students too.

  5. the loss incurred by the 50% govt seats will be covered by hiking the fee of remaining 50% a little( if someone could pay 60L before… Sure they’ll pay 90L also if they don’t have a good rank and don’t want to study)

  6. people with 15k plus ranks who were in dilemma before to take in pvt or drop will now prefere dropping and work hard so even if they don’t get a 3 digit rank… they can still get in a decent place if they get writhin 5k rank.

  7. meritorious students under 5k won’t have to shell out money into good pvts which was happening before and was highly unfair to them.

you know there is field called economics? Cheap seats dont exist, either they are funded by tax (gov) or pvt. Can the govt which is already bleeding take on 50% expenses of a pvt deemed institute? or even any percent? they cant just ask reliance to give petrol for 50% of people for free right? this will hinder private iinvestment in health education which as you mentioned in your own post some deemed uni have at par or better infra than many govt ones.

  1. Pvt colleges are open to everyone with money.

  2. No reservation in Pvt otherwise. Will 50% seats have reservation?!?! Would it NOT KILL MERIT ?

  3. say if avg MD med fees is 1.5 cr (as in my parent college) and there are 10 seats

Means college gets 15 cr in 3 yrs

Now if 5 seats are at govt fees say 1 lac ONLY

Clear loss of 7.5 cr

Who’s gonna pay for 7.5 cr?

  • Govt?!

  • the remaining 5 students pay 3 cr each?!

They would be reluctant to take seat at 3 cr

If you talk about MERIT, talk about reservation in PG as well 😊

How illogical your 5th point is- someone who can pay 60 Lacs can easily pay 90 lacs - Slow claps for you!

By this logic if someone with 2k rank not getting govt seat can take a drop and easily get rank under 1k