Can someone please tell about the cons of DNB neurosurgery (6years)

Can someone please tell about the cons of DNB neurosurgery (6years)

Saturation in the midst(realising that you aren’t made for it)

Same stipend for 6 years

Lesser hands on initially in private setups as compared to trust and govt hospitals

You need to be 100% sure that you want to be a neurosurgeon

I agree with all, but I don’t think the stipend in same for all years

yeah it follows the same DNB stipend pattern for first 3 years… then slightly higher…

from the aspect of corporate, they’ll measure your ability+exposure

Exposure is great in DNB

Skills are something you’ll have to acquire, lastly, knowledge, that , again, you have to gain.

A govt hospital, or MS/MCh from govt setups helps you earn name in medical colleges and their hospitals.

Neurosurgeons require corporate level setups so DNB is good from that point of view.

If you want to settle down early, do less surgeries and enjoy life, you can join medical college, harder for DNB MCh than for MS MCh

Lack of patience may be depressive and may insist you to quit but it’s worthwhile if you study with willingness . Take it and finish it . There is going to be boom of mbbs and md around so super is must …dosent matter hospital or cutting …first take degree then look for cutting in govt …don’t waste time