Can we able to get PG seats without coaching classes?

Can we able to get PG seats without coaching classes? Well for any average student, it’s impossible! Because the things we study in MBBS curriculum won’t be in the NEET PG exam! And most of the questions are to test our memorization power not the learning!

Needless to say after the introduction of the NEET-PG all the coaching institutes are earning in 100s of crores!

Now whom to blame this kind of exam policy?

Needless to say a person who wants to pursue his career in surgery as a specialisation has to read biochemistry also to get the seat!

You think you don’t have to know biochemistry to learn surgery?

don’t you think we learn sufficiently in MBBS?

Well, you need to know Biochemistry to do surgery.

I definitely forgot the mineral absorption in the GIT by the time,I completed my internship.

The exam syllabus is perfect.

The present exam pattern is perfect.

This year’s paper had a good amount of reasoning and decision making.

Doctors have to memorise. Part of our journey

You cannot perform a neck dissection without memorising the Lymph node levels.

Memorization is necessary. It’s not a thing to look down upon.

The problem is how easy it has become for people to become perfect in the syllabus, therefore increasing the competition.