Can we crack neet with the help of utube study material

can we crack neet with the help of utube study material

But add AMIT ASHISH question banks.

cracked neet only using prepg app

Really ? how much rank?is it free of cost?

Sir but while solving pre pg questions, only the easy questions pop up

Yes and you will get a PG seat on a you tube channel

Bhai pehele YouTube ki spelling check kar…usse yaad kar …
N jitne videos hai unke trending number
Number of likes
Comments agar yaad kar liya…
Then to neet pakka top kar sakta hai…

Lol in jaiso ko nbe Ghar ake lejaigi chlo tumko MD radiodiagnosis denge!

It’s helpful
But not 100%
It’s better if u add missing information in YouTube by creating your own channel

Yes you can : But you have to read books. & for clarifying, you can watch, random videos. Since, Apne book se TOPIC padha hoga toh waha pe kuch galat bta rhey hongey then aap identify kr logey… Videos are way toh keep bookish information in a pictorial form which lasts for long time. So,Give priority to Books & reliable Notes. All the best

Nope don’t think so, coz every source on youtube is not a reliable source. plus you cannot ignore books as they are full of indepth explanations.

I think you are asking about NEET UG exam …You cannot base your education on youtube, as the reliability of information and relevance takes a setback… NEET is an exam with a specific pattern and in such short time frame it’s better to follow the standard methods/practices which are going to increase your success rate , rather than wasting time doing random stuff …Yet if you have 1-2 -3 years before you can give your exam then, use it to watch certain topics and concepts , there are wonderful lectures there and consolidate them in your notes or study material. Remember just watching is not going to help , assimilation occurs when you simultaneously read texts,look images to make it stick…
Good Luck