Can we get a good rank if we can finish only rapid revision

Can we get a good rank if we can finish only rapid revision. Kindly dont taunt me I have done rr q bank . But I have remembered nothing .kindly help.

I feel that I can’t remember most things by doing only q banks without its notes…questions are only to train us recollect the alrdy read info and its application. Rapid revision is a good series of holistic revision.

Sarath Kumar bro… U joined 6 yrs mch course?

Yes.only thing is you must remember most of the points.

Even after reading one whole system,u will have to remember those special points for diagnosis n elimination of options.

Do as much as you can, let God Decide what will happen. Many will say yes many will say no. Their yes or no can’t do anything for you. Do as much as you can in last few days be it RR or MR , TR , PR no matter just study .

yes. Actually I was anxious so decided to take some advice from fb I might have done them but I have to read notes and recall mcqs also. Thank you for your advice.

RR plus solving thoroughly at least last 3 years AIIMS/inicet plus a bit of luck shud b gud enough