Cancer institute ( WIA ) Chennai Adyar Interventional pulmonology

Cancer institute ( WIA )
Chennai Adyar
Interventional pulmonology
A 60yr old male presented with severe orthopnoea and desaturation and he was diagnosed as a case of CA oesophagus with arrhythmia
Bronchoscopy done showed near total occlusion of trachea with endotracheal growth noted in the distal end of trachea and carina is not visualised there is also extrinsic compression in multiple levels of trachea
Rigid bronchoscope guided tumour debulking done with electrocautery snare and coring
Fully covered Y SEMS of 18x60mm deployed
Patient extubated on table and orthopnoea and breathlessness settled immediately post procedure.
A big thanks to the anaesthesia team for their support
Patient performance status improved post procedure and now planned for Chemotherapy and radiotherapy management
Intervention pulmonology not only helps to improve the patient symptoms but also the performance status and widen the treatment option for oncology patients