Cardiogenic pulmonary edema which can be given intravenous?

What is the maximum dose of furosemide in cardiogenic pulmonary edema which can be given intravenous ?

Will never come

360 mg maximum IV lasix you can give.

is it having a body weight basis ? Like 6 mg / kg ?

No this the maximum amount of lasix you can give ( stat) if the symptoms persist . nothing specific regarding body weight.

Dr Rakesh Nair Sir told , I guess. Go through his note on Acute heart failure management.

I know that , but when I am being violently questioned my decision to give 80 mg lasix iv repeated thrice over 4-6 hrs — I can’t say my senior Marrow is my reference !

Bro depends on clinical condition of the patient , there’s no hard and fast rule about that . Depends on many conditions like bp , persisting SOB. Idk how bad your patient was that time , but one thing I would advise you, try to tolerate as much as you can ! Even if you feel you’re right ! Ask them politely why they are saying this . May be they had a point too ! Best of luck!