Career prospects are gloomy.Its entirely seasonal branch

Career prospects are gloomy.Its entirely seasonal branch where you will practicing aggressively for only half of the year.And essence of MD is totally diluted by DCH candidates in all peripheries .Job opportunities are very less in 2 tier cities.Metro you will get max of 1.2 lakh with fellowships without any further growth. Pediatricians efforts are never rewarded. They earn least compared to medicine or any of mainstream clinical branches.Even if you do superspeciality,hardly there are any cases to generate revenues.Coming to practice ,its very difficult since you will dealing with kids.High chances of assault.At any given point of time MD medicine is better than paediatrics in all aspects. Earning ,practicing and quality of life .And medicine needs superspeciality is a myth.You can do better with just General medicine in 2 & 3 tier cities compared to paediatrics.

PS- I have already done this course and I’m telling you frank reality of this branch.