Causes of hyperparathyroidism are all except

Causes of hyperparathyroidism are all
a) Solitary adenoma
b) Malignant
c) Thyroid malignancy
d) Parathyroid hyperplasia
Correct Answer - C
Ans.:C.)Thyroid malignancy
Increased levels of the PTH lead to increased osteoclastic activity.
The resultant bone resorption produces cortical thinning
(subperiosteal resorption) and osteopaenia.
primary hyperparathyroidism
parathyroid adenoma (~80%)
multiple parathyroid adenomas (4%)
parathyroid hyperplasia (10-15%)
parathyroid carcinoma (1-5%)
secondary hyperparathyroidism
caused by chronic hypocalcaemia with renal osteodystrophy being
the most common cause (others include malnutrition, vitamin D
results in parathyroid hyperplasia
tertiary hyperparathyroidism
autonomous parathyroid adenoma caused by the chronic
overstimulation of hyperplastic glands in renal insufficiency