Centre again changed...3 times a row

Centre again changed…3 times a row…inicet

They dont have a sense …how could we plan travelling in short time .

Mine pondicherry yesterday , today salem …i dont know wat will be on 22nd july morning…

Playing with us

They’ll give you one more… N then you’ll have to choose the correct one among the 4 options (new pattern)

They might give u an extra option, just like match the following Qs…

Well may be multiple options are correct …and u have to visit them all

check again till the last moment some new centre may popup…aiims

walo ki jai ho

A pg aspirant standing in front of his/her INICET examination centre in Mumbai at 8am on the day of exam, suddenly gets a msg- “You have been assigned a new centre in Delhi. Please report 1hr before exam or your candidature will stand cancelled.”

Which link you people used? I am trying to download for my brother for past 2 days. Not getting