Centroacinar cells are present in

Centroacinar cells are present in ?
a) Pancreas
b) Parotid gland
c) Prostate
d) None
Correct Answer - A
Ans. is ‘a’ i.e., Pancreas
It is a mixed exocrine and endocrine gland.
A . Exocrine part
The exocrine portion is a compound acinar gland, consists of
pancreatic acini.
The acini of pancreas consist of a group of pyramid-shaped acinar
cells’ (pancreatic parenchymal cells) arranged around a small lumen.
The centroacinar-cells are seen at the centre of acini where the duct
system begins. These cells are an extension of the intercalated duct
cells into the acinus. They add bicarbonate ions to pancreatic juce.
Individual acini are drained by intercalated ducts (interalobular
ducts), which drain into larger interlobular ducts, found in connective
tissue septa.
B. Endocrine part
Islets of Langerhans constitute the endocrine part and are scattered
throughout the exocrine part, most abundandly in tail region.