Characteristics of Food

Food has an influential relationship on: one’s health and physical well-being: as a catering material that is either suitable and suitable for nature (natural and without excessive) or inappropriate and harmful to health.

Food can be categorized into three varieties according to the food characteristics:

1-Anti-inflammatory food

2-Anti-inflammatory foods

3-inflammatory foods

Anti-inflammatory food

Anti-inflammatory food: Foods containing textile and anti-oxidant-proof material that cleans the body of demolition (free roots).

These foods are characterized by the Almighty Creator fully equipped and neither the creature nor the fire nor the germs intervened in modifying its components.

Top of it: natural honey, then raw milk that hasn’t changed taste, followed by delicious thin fruit, delicious taste, natural taste enhancers including lemon (yellow), lowest: salads, soft vegetables and soft vegetables Delicious.

Natural oils extracted by cold pressure are neither refined nor wasted: from anti-oxidant substances, while simultaneously giving birth to arteries, protects arteries from ripping, melts candles and rigid fats, prevents them from depositing and fighting clots.

Oil with these unique and comprehensive qualities: one of the necessities of synonymous with other meals as a dye for eating.

All the above-mentioned foods are ready to eat: without cooking and its metabolic waste is low-damage and easy to take out, contains antioxidant substances and thus combat inflammation, healthy degeneration, premature aging and immune support.

This type of food is praised in the Holy Quran; honey: (It has healing). And soft milk from the food of the eternal in heaven: (And the rivers of milk that did not change). And fruits are among the honor of the Creator in the eternal paradise: (And fruits of what they choose). It’s also from the food that is praised: (and the good women of livelihood). And oil: (and dye for eating)

The effect of oxidation barriers can be enforced by trying cut apples when one side of the cut face is painted with lemon water and left the other side without paint: Oxidation barriers prevent textile corruption and postponement of doom.

The less effect of eucalyptus and a little ginger is: natural flavors: their: antiseptic (antibacterial and viruses), immune and anti-inflammatory.

The Almighty said: ′′ Indeed, the righteous drink from a glass that was in an unbelievable mood… And they shed a glass in which her mood was a ginger… Man 17,5.

Anti-inflammatory food

Anti-inflammatory foods are: raw, unmet natural food raws: which taste better with cooking.

Including crops, whole grains, pastries, baked goods, eggs, meat, etc… etc.

Cooking heat disrupts naturally present digestive and toxins found by the wise manufacturer: to protect the food harvest from rapid damage, so these raw materials are considered unstable: inflammatory if eaten without cooking.

And this stuff after cooking: turns into good (tasty) food, doesn’t inflammatory: when hungry and needed.

But in case of excessive excessive body needs: it turns into inflammatory material: the result of its intestinal fermentation from poisonous jeff, the result of the diversity and increased metabolism of its burning sparks; and the increase in the burning sparks of oxidized free roots: During the incomplete metabolism.

The Almighty said: ′′ And do not be excessive, for He does not love wasters Al-Anam 141.

A beneficial balanced meal of these intake: requires: cooking; non-excessive; adding a balance element: type: antioxidant, inflammatory, solvent to fat gamadgets: this syndrome works for eating, this element : with nutritional oils: (and dye for eating)

And whenever a cooked meal is complemented: with a few: future items (salads and soft and delicious vegetables), soft and soft fruits, natural taste enhancers (yellow lemon), soft yogurt or natural honey: it turns into a more useful meal : Provided it is eaten within the limits of the body’s need without excessive.

Infamous foods that are inflammatory

The stimulating food for chronic inflammation, healthy degeneration and premature aging are:

1-Foods that are not self-sufficient and do not improve after cooking; and the crude fruit that enters humans in the rush of harvesting before mint or lush crops that are uneven before cooking: when eating without cooking.

2-food that humans eat after being corrupted by germs.

Food that humans eat after adjusting their ingredients and changing their natural balance or after adding toxic preservatives to them.

1-Unfortunate food

One of the inflammatory foods: those not finished in plant-based creation for healthy consumption, including: crude immature fruits and all crops that taste alienated and bitter, and those that taste better after cooking: if eaten on condition Raw without cooking, including raw eggs, bitter vegetables, all crops, food, raw legumes.

The alienated and bitter taste is called: Khamat.

The Almighty said: ′′ So they were presented, and We sent the torrent of Aram to them, and We replaced them with their gardens, two gardens, and one thing of a little sidr, so we rewarded them with what they disbelieved, and did we reward them except the infidels Sheba 16-17.

2-Changing and corrupt food

Some of the inflammatory substances are also: food variable with partial rot and bacterial degradation, including partially corrupted beverages, such as milk that have changed taste and been corrupted by milk germs and its derivatives from yogurt, butter, cheese, and fermented bread (blown) And cake, cookies, sauces and yeast.

Bacterial yogurt or curd (variable) and derivatives like cheese contain germ waste including tiramine raising blood pressure; transphobic fats are developed for arteries; and brewed yogurt: malicious galactose to lentil Eye; cataract cataract blindness increases in poor communities; it’s known: poor communities often depend on yogurt for nutrition; cataract has been blinded by lab rats when feeding on curd milk (*).

Yeast bacteria breathes in dough, consumes beneficial nutrients, and highlights the bacterial waste available in puffy bread, cake and biscuits; its waste: harmful waste alternative to nutrients: the more fermentation, the more nutrients fade and the more waste.

As in societies of ignorance and poverty: chronic inflammation including tuberculosis increases as a result of poor nutrition: malnutrition is limited to wastes and degradation germs contained in: available in yogurt and bread with yeast germs

From the nutritional lessons in medical laboratories for malnutrition results: the core of dead yeast extract with tripton (protein waste) and glycerol (fat waste): is the best food to activate TB germ.

Changing food to liquor and other malignant foods are corrupt, stinky, and damaged foods: one of the fiercest and most dangerous infectious substances and healthy degeneration.

And in followers of the illiterate prophet, there is a protection against all this.

The Almighty said: ′′ And the good will be solved for them, and the wicked will be forbidden for them Al-Araf 157.

3-Industrial Modified Food

It’s inflammatory foods: those that are variable by isolation, addition, or both.

Including foods containing: refined sugar, refined flour and chlorine, white rice (peeled and polished), mutant fats, salt-preserved wet meat: stocked and canned, and all food Artificially modified, including: drinks and all ready-made and coated food mixtures.

These foods support and provoke chronic inflammation and healthy degeneration: they have changed from the divine food balance: as a result: they turn into harmful metabolism outputs and residues: increase the emission of inflammatory free-root sparks that are inflammatory and corrupted cells and Exciting for cellular malice (cancer)

Surplus of unbalanced substances: pancreats the pancreas and paves the way for diabetes.

Chronic blood surplus blood sugar glucose: provokes destructive reactions and weakens sight through blackout eye lens and accelerates premature aging; by the end products of pre-sugar graze (AGEs); pre-sugar galaxy process produces : From the primitive anomaly reaction of excess sugar in the bloodstream with protein and fats to form anomaly and inflammatory compounds.

Surplus energy caused by artificially-adjusted (unbalanced) foods turns into anomaly: stacked between guts in the abdomen and has liver deposits and arteries lining: and the consequent health hazards to liver, heart, arteries and all devices Vitality

Industrial adjustment of food: is a change in the innate balance and a corruption of what the Almighty Creator has fixed.

The Almighty said: ′′ And we have grown in it from everything, which is balanced Al-Quarantine 19.