Characterstic of basal cell carcinoma is:

Characterstic of basal cell carcinoma is:

1.Keratin pearls
2.foam cells
3.Nuclear palisading
4.psammoma bodies


Basal cell carcinomas are composed of islands or nests of basaloid cells (i.e. cells resembling cells in the normal basal cell layer of the epidermis), with palisading of the cells at the periphery and a haphazard arrangement of those in the centers of the islands. The tumor cells have a hyperchromatic nucleus with relatively little, poorly defined cytoplasm. [Palisading means a monolayer of relatively long cells arranged loosely perpendicular to a surface and parallel to each other]

Other options:

Keartin pearls- seen in squamous cell carcinoma

Foam cells- seen in Xanthoma

Psammoma bodies- seen in papillary thyroid carcinoma