Charcot leyden crystal

Charcot leyden crystal




:-drugs induced


:-Hypersensitivity 1 type reaction

:-genetic /atopic

:-5q chromosome increase IL 4 5 9 13 and IL⁴ receptors

:- b2 adrenergic gene

:- MHC Class ii : increased igE antibody

:- IL1 and 33 grop incrrase cytokines of th2 cells

:-thymic stromal lymphopoietin increase allergic response

:-ADAM 33 GENE :- fibrosis and increase smooth muscle hyperplasia

:-YKL 40 gene :- increase allergic response


:- remodeling

:-hyperplasia of smc

:-eosinophil infiltration



:-charcot leyden crystal ( galectin 10)

:-curschmann body (mucoid)

:-creola body