Chemistry Model Questions- Rush Your Days for NEETUG 2018

6.NaOH is prepared by the method
(a) Down’s cell
(b) Costner cell
© Solvay process
(d) Costner Keller cell.

  1. When toluene is treated with KMnO4 what is produced?
    (a) Benzene
    (b) Chlorobenzene
    © Benzaldedehyde
    (d) Benzoic acid

  2. Alcohols are isomeric with
    (a) Acids
    (b) Ethers
    © Esters
    (d) Aldehyde

  3. The group linkage present in fats is
    (a) Peptide linkage
    (b) Ester linkage
    © Glycoside linkage
    (d) None of these

  4. The group present in waxes are
    (a) Acid group
    (b) Ester group
    © Alcohol group
    (d) Ether group