Child presented with unilateral periorbital pain, swelling and proptosis, what is the initial treatment?

A 74 years old man presents with sudden onset of weakness of the right side with slurred speech. He also has loss of sensations over the right side of the body and visual field defects. CT Scan shows an ischemic stroke. What is the most appropriate management for this patient?
A. Alteplase
B. Streptokinase
C. Nimodipine
D. Aspirin
E. Labetolol

child presented with unilateral periorbital pain, swelling and proptosis, what is the initial treatment?
A. Steroids
B. Antihistamine
C. Antibiotics
D. Analgesia
E. Pilocarpine

A 4 year old boy presents with a sharp metal injury. He never had any vaccination as his parents were worried about the side effects. What should be the next step?
A. Tetanus toxoid + full course of DPT vaccine
B. TT Immunoglobulin
D. No treatment
C. A + B

I need advise regarding a post which a hospital is offering,
Actually I had applied for FY2 post at this hospital but I received an email from them stating they would like to consider me for FY1 post,
So my concerns are
1.Are there any disadvantages in taking nontraining-FY1 post if u have already done internship back in India?
2.Is it difficult to get Tier2 visa for FY1 post as the salary will be low?

Since I have two years of gap after my internship, I thought it would be better to start from basic level but at the same time I am thinking if that would be a bad idea for Visa?

Is there anybody from India working as an FY1 in the UK now ? Would like to know if its really impossible to get tier2 visa for FY1?

A 65 year old man presents with progressively worsening breathlessness and productive cough. He has a history of treated tuberculosis and rheumatoid arthritis, he smoked 20 cigarettes/day since 35 years. When he was given a trial of salbutamol nebuliser, FEV1/FEV changed from 1.7/2.0 to 1.8/2.1 (predicted 3.0/3.5). What is the most probable diagnosis?
A. Chronic bronchitis
B. Bronchiectasis
C. Bronchial carcinoma
D. Asthma
E. Pulmonary fibrosis

54 yo goes to the GP due to chest tightness and palpitations. He is a known asthmatic but says this does not feel like an attack. He was then immediately sent to A&E. ECG: SVT, carotid sinus massage done but failed! What’s the next step in the management?

Simple analgesia

A patient diagnosed with gastric ulcers has continuos symptoms despite 8 weeks of PPI therapy. Symptoms are aggravated post meals. What is the next step in the management?

A. Surgery

B. Urea breath test

C. Switch to H2 receptor blockers

D. Endoscopic evaluation

A 72 year male with previous history of ischemic heart disease presents to the A&E with increasing shortness of breath and decreasing exercise tolerance. Which drug is the most likely drug responsible?
A. Diclofenac Sodium
B. Ibuprofen
C. Paracetamol
D. Atenolol
E. Codeine

A pregnant lady at her 39 week gestation presents with eclampsia. Soon after her arrival in the labour suite IV MgSO4 and IV Hydralazine has been prescribed. The patient then develops another fit in the hospital and maintenance dose of MgSO4 has been started. What is your next step in management?

A. MgSO4 Bolus
B. Delivery of the baby
C. MgSO4 loading dose
D. Diazepam

A 44yo pt has sudden onset of breathlessness and stridor few minutes after extubation for
thyroidectomy. The pat had longstanding goiter for which he had the surgery. What is the most
likely dx?
a. Thyroid storm
b. Hematoma
c. Unilateral recurrent laryngeal nerve injury
d. External laryngeal nerve injury
e. Tracheomalacia