Chlamydia Diagnosis and Treatment

Chlamydia Diagnosis and Treatment

  1. Nucleic Acid Amplification Test: NAAT

a. Men = Urine

b. Women = Vaginal Swab

  1. Treatment

a. Azitromycin or Doxycycline (due to intracellular drug. Azithromyicin shot in office or take home Doxycycline.

b. Abstinence for 1 week following treatment

  1. Re-testing: TOC (Test of Cure) in 3 weeks Only for

a. Pregnant Patients

b. those with symptoms

c. unusual drug regiment used.

  1. Treatment of Sexual Partners

a. Reporting

  1. No need to Co-treat as in Gonorrhea except for special populations

  2. Sexual partners should be treated

  3. Must report infection