Clinical documentation JB-149

Expert. Clinical documentation JB-149
Needed. I’m the one who is
For the developer company innovative equipment in the treatment of cancer tumors.
In the north of the country

Job description:
Performing reviews and analysis of clinical literature, writing clinical evaluation reports supporting experiments and regulation. Engagement in writing scientific articles. Support for PMS and PMCF assessments and activities assistance in project planning and setting a scope of work including coordinating experiments according to the schedule. Preparing a curriculum in accordance with the requirements of regulation, coordination and management of administrative activities against the sponsors.
Required skills
BSC medicine, life sciences similar technological field
Experience leading clinical research: Experience in scientific writing, including writing publication of comparison research examinations including animal experiments. Right to travel abroad
Introduction of medical regulation regulations - MDR, FDA CFR21 - advantage
Very good control of the English language
Inquiries to [email protected]
Attach a document in a word template
On the way to work - placement of counselling and employment orientation
The job is for women and men