Coagulative necrosis is seen in A/E -

Coagulative necrosis is seen in A/E -

    1. M.I.
    1. T.B.
    1. Thermal
    1. Zenker’s degeneration

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Causes of coagulative necrosis

  1. Coagulative necrosis is most frequently caused by sudden cessation of blood flow (ischemia) in solid organs such as heart (MI), Kidney (ATN), Liver, adrenal gland, spleen. Amongst solid organs brain is the only exception, i.e., it is the only solid organ in which ischemia leads to liquefactive necrosis and not coagulative necrosis.
  2. Toxic products of certain bacteria, as in calf diphtheria, necrophorus enteritis and other forms necrobacillosis.
  3. Certain locally acting poisons, e.g., mercuric chloride.
  4. Mild burns (thermal injury), whether produced by heat, electricity, or x-rays.
  5. Zenker’s degeneration necrosis of muscle