Colleagues, friends and seniors

Colleagues, friends and seniors.
Need your input on the job and hospital. I have already managed to nail it down to 2/5. Anyone who is working in the same hospital /same department, in terms of learning, the place etc, basically any input would be highly appreciated

  1. Junior Specialist Doctor in Geriatric ST1- Acute Medicine in Birmingham Heartlands

  2. FY3/CT1 JSD in critical care and Anesthetics in Airedale General Hospital.

Please share your inputs so as to help me get out of this dilemma.

Acute medicine > ITU

As a non trainee SHO, you will not learn a lot on ITU as everything goes through the reg and consultant, it is highly specialized and you will not get to learn a lot about general medicine there.

The most important thing for you is to get used to gen med on calls, get your CREST signed off and learn the NHS system so that when you apply for a training post, you are confident enough. And the first option will allow all of this

This is slightly out of context of this post.

It is no surprise, coincidence or luck that some among young IMGs secure multiple interviews and job offers almost as soon as they start applying.

I bet the application form & interview skills of this doctor are top notch. He has worked hard on these aspects and improved his chances. If he continues to apply and continues to give interviews, he will secure tens of jobs within few months.

People worry about little things, may be I had a gap, may be I haven’t done ALS that’s why I am not getting shortlisted.

Its not the small ticks on your forms but overall impression of how well presented the application is and how sell yourself, how you conduct yourself in the interviews