College stones (renal stones)

college stones (renal stones)

College stones are a solid material consisting of crystal granules usually formed in college or any area of urinary system whether in ulectric, bladder, and even analysis.

🔴 college stones types



It is the most common species commonly made of calcium oxalate, eating small amounts of foods that contain a large amount of oxygen can reduce the risk of college stones formation

2_uric acid

(Urik is a lion)

It is also considered one of the most common species commonly made in men than women especially those with pinching disease (gout)

3 _ struvite

It is a very rare type that often infects women and accompanies UTI

4 _ Cystine

Nard type and infect both sexes and mostly genetics.

🔴 College stones risk

The greatest risk is formed when the daily per day administration rate is only 1 litres per day and mostly kidney stones are formed in people aged 20

🔴 Factors that help form pebbles

Drought and lack of fluids.


Thyroid adjacent problem.

Infection of intestine.

Some medications like anti _ suiezure

Calcium based antiacids