Common between B and T cells

Common between B and T cells -
a) Origin from same cell lineage
b) Site differentiation
c) Antigenic marker
d) Both humoral and cellular immunity
e) Further differentiation seen

    1. a
    1. b
    1. ab
    1. ad
    1. ae

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  • To understand this question one should know, what exactly differentiation means?


  • Differentiation refers to the process by which a less specialized cell (immature) becomes a more specialized(mature), to perform a specific function.

Origin and differentiation of T and B cells-

Bone marrow is the ultimate source of all blood cells including lymphocytes (T and B cells). Note- In fetal and early neonatal life, liver and yolk sac produce blood cells.

All blood cells originate from stem cell which differentiate into four major cell lineage.

i. Erythroid precursors Differentiate into RBC
ii. Megakaryocyte precursors Differentiate into platelets
iii. Myeloid precursors Differentiate into neutrophils, monocyte, eosinophil, basophil
iv. Lymphoid precursors Differentiate into lymphocytes ( T and B cells)
  • So, both T and B cells originate from same cell lineage → Lymphoid lineage
  1. But, differentiation occurs at different sites-

  2. T- cell maturation takes place in Thymus.

  3. B-cell maturation takes place in Bone marrow itself

- T-cells

i) Origin → Bone marrow ( also in liver and yolk sac of fetus)

ii) Maturation → Thymus

- B-cells

i) Origin → Bone marrow ( also in liver and yolk sac of fetus)

ii) Maturation → Bone marrow