Common complaint is given Adnexal mass

What’s the 2nd most common complaint of endometriosis ?
I’m asking this Question because in Marrow edition 4, 2nd most common symptom is given Infertility,
But in edition 5 , 2nd most common complaint is given Adnexal mass

Its adnexal mass because when the entometrosis is happening in the ovary( chocolate cyst), endometriosis being a high inflammatory condition then adhesions are going to form near ovary , the tubes and the uterus ( to me the adhesions appears like spiderman and his web making 😅) . The adhesions is going to distort the normal positon of the ovary with respect to the tubes.

Ovary being the site of production of the oocyte , (1. endometriosis hampers that production sometimes)…next it has to go through the tube then all the fertilization happens there ryt.

2.Because of the adhesions formed there process for fertilization is also hampered

So the conclusion is ovary getting affected first followed by infertility

Thanks a lot for your vivid explanation and clearing my Query .

very well explained… yes the second m/ c symptom in endometriosis is adnexal mass