Conditions in OBGY in which PV is contraindicated?

Conditions in OBGY in which PV is contraindicated ?

Placenta previa with total os coverage,vasa previa

MD anesthesia

Pros- job opportunity good

  • earnings is good specially after pain management and critical care. (Both include intervention) and intervention equal to money.

  • vast branch, lot of option in super specialisation.

  • no patient interaction-only surgeon interaction, which could be worse or better depends on your luck .

Cons- super boring.

-99% boring, 1% super heroic.

  • behoshi vale dactar.

MD psychiatry.- never take this branch just because you are getting it.

Earning are limited. As there is no intervention usually. But if you gain popularity , sky is the limit.

  • lot of patient and attendant interaction. Nor patient nor attendant will believe you as most medicine takes few weeks for effect.

Audience is limited. Only educated and rich people will be your patient. All other go to baba.

Opportunity abroad are good in both anesthesia and psychiatry.