Confirmation of male intersex by?

Confirmation of male intersex by?
a) USG abdomen
b) Genetic testing
c) Hormonal study
d) All of above
Correct Answer - B
Ans. is ‘b’ i.e., Genetic testing
Intersex :(DSD)
Discrepancy between morphology of gonads and that of extemal
Now Disorder of Sex development (DSD) is preferred instead of
Distinctly not defined as male or female
Intersex trait not always manitest at both
Some as not aware of intersex and it is confirned by Genetic testing
Most common is virilisation of female 46 XX DSD.
46 XX DSD -
Phenotype is xx & gonads are ovary but external genitalia is virilised.
(due to lack of antimullerian hormone (AMH))
Most common is congenital adrenal hyper plasia (CAH)
Most commonly 21 a hydroxylase & 11[3 - Hydroxylase deficiency.