Confused between DNB anesthesia in Delhi / MD Anesthesia

Confused between DNB anesthesia in Delhi / MD Anesthesia in periphery / DCH in Delhi. I can get any of these in mop up.

What should I go for ? Haven’t been alloted anything till now.

Any idea about till which rank dnb pediatrics will go in mopup?

Remember it’s ur identity Wat branch u choose

What do you really like watching patient, or working silently or taking a decent salary without much interaction with patients.

Kids are not similar to adult patients so while choosing also think regarding that managing Kids requires lot of patience.

Dnb delhi in anesthesia if present go for it, if you like anesthesia corporate hospital offers a lot of modern equipment and available of test. Exposure to technology will be good as compared to any other top tier medical college.

Dch peads go for secondary dnb later if u want

Peads is something where u can ace if u can talk well and gain the confidence of the parents

More or less everyone including casualty doctor does the same job

Real talent lies in how you present yourself