Considering if I don't join in 2nd Round and Go for mop-up

Considering if I don’t join in 2nd Round and Go for mop-up thinking if i can get a better college and if I don’t , can I still get the same college if I give the same option in Mop-up???

I got alloted grmc m.s ortho in 2nd round all it fair to wait for maharashtra 2nd round .what are chances of getting m.s.ortho in maharashtra .

you may not get the same but you can get better seat

It’s 60/40 risk 60% chance to get better seat

Nop…if somebody better than your rank gives option to your college
Nope… don’t take that risk… You may lose it

Before going for state r2 and ai mopup…think twice…its highly risky

No garanty … someone before ur rank can take up that seat